Release History

0.1.8 2022-10-07

  • added the ‘node’ column to the searchapp and solrquery database tables, to allow for identification of the writing node

  • Simplified the log records extracted: * Corrected hcilib.ziphandler to filter out all unnecessary log records * Corrected the documentation to reflect the correct logging facility (org.solr.request.SolrRequestInfo)

    to be enabled for logging.

0.1.7 2022-05-09

  • added extraction of SOLR 8 service logs, for HCI >= 2.0

  • now requesting version and enabled Services from HCI, therefore needs an HCI user with MAPI permission. Some environment variables need to be present as well.

  • DB VACUUM now takes place in case DB rows have been deleted, only

0.1.6 2022-04-25

  • fixed an issue that caused DB constrain violations with Python < 3.9

  • removed the --syslog-plain argument, resulting records sent to syslog are always plain from now on (additional information removed)

0.1.5 2022-02-14

  • renamed to hcisle

  • added database maintenance - delete old records and VACUUM the database

  • added the ability to work on an existing log package (no collection in this case), mainly for testing purposes

0.1.4 2022-02-06

  • now collecting queries using the Workflow Designer / Index Collection / Query, as well

  • records in the database are now marked as sent once transmitted to sylog, preventing from duplicate records being sent.

  • added sending the found log records to a syslog server, optionally. this will send the records in timely ascending order, either the plain log record or the record with additonal information fields

  • added the exclusion filter string as a separate column to the solrquery table, in case a filter was used.

0.1.3 2022-01-26

  • ziphandler is now also looking for SOLr logfiles who’s filename start with “solr.service” in addition to “solr.log”. Needed for HCI 2.0.

  • changed the db record structure a bit to have the more granular epoch timestamp as part of the index. Added another clear-text field.

  • now using the ‘NOW=’ field from the solr log records as the timestamp

  • added the query string as a separate column to the solrquery table, for convenience

0.1.2 2022-01-25

  • made sure that the folders given by call parameters are used properly

  • added information about “updating” to the documentation

  • slightly fixed the autostart documentation

  • removed showing query strings when logging is set to “info”

0.1.0 2022-01-24

  • added documentation

0.0.1 2021-12-01

  • initial commit