Some operators of Hitachi Content Intelligence (HCI) require the ability to follow up with search users activity, in the form of audit logging.

hcisle is a tool that is able to collect relevant log records written by the Search App and the Solr instances (forming the indexes in HCI) whenever a user submits a search request to HCI.

As a requirement, Solr logging must be configured so that it creates the wanted records. The HCI Logging Configuration chapter explains how to do that.

As hcisle is relying on log packages created by HCI, it should be scheduled to run periodically, at least once a day.

The Code Description chapter gives an overview about how the code works.

hcisle doesn’t have any dependencies beside a pure Python 3 installation. Great care was taken to make sure that the tool doesn’t cause any security breaches. Nevertheless:


As HCI is often used in security critical context (and the tool needs to run as root), you are highly encouraged to do your own code review before using it in such a context. See the Code Description chapter to learn about the code structure.